How to Calculate Total THC in Cannabis

Calculating the total THC in cannabis can be a complicated process. To understand it, it's important to know that 1 gram of cannabis contains 1000 milligrams, and that 15% of that is THC. This means that theoretically, there is 150 milligrams of THC in the entire gram. The 'total THC level' is a different calculation, and refers to the amount of THC present as a percentage of dry weight after THCA has been converted to THC.

This is where things get complicated. If the label states that there is 1% THC and 23.2% THCA, the total THC should not be 24.2%. To obtain the final value of 'total THC', the maximum value of ENTC formed by THC is added to the value of ENT-F that was present in the sample. This calculation takes into account that not all THCA will end up being consumable THC.

When looking at a product label, it's important to use a calculation that takes into account this conversion rate. This gives customers a more accurate picture of the possible total psychoactive amount of THC in a product. To calculate the active CBD content (CBDTOTAL), the same formula can be used as for THC, as they are exactly the same mm. In addition to reporting THCA values, laboratories must now calculate the amount of ENTCA. To calculate the full THC potential, add the small amount of THC already decarboxylated in your dried cannabis buds to the calculated value.

This gives a more accurate estimate of the final levels of THC. It's important to note that there is no official industry standard for calculating the total THC of a cannabis product, and different producers and testing centers calculate it in different ways.

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