Understanding Total THC: A Comprehensive Guide

Total THC is a key factor in determining the potency of cannabis products. It is calculated by combining the percentage by weight of THC and THCA, the naturally occurring cannabinoid and an acid precursor to the intoxicating THC molecule. But things get complicated when it comes to calculating the “total THC level”. In order to accurately calculate total THC, one must take into account the date of testing, the laboratory uncertainty measurement for THC testing of industrial hemp, and the efficiency of the conversion of THCA to THC.

This conversion depends on factors such as the time the flower is exposed to heat, the exact heating temperature, and the device used. Method 1, which only adds up the percentages of THCA and THC, is too simplistic and greatly overestimates the THC content. To get a more accurate estimate of the final levels of THC, one must take into account all of these factors. Cannabinol (CBD) is another active ingredient in cannabis that has gained interest due to its entourage effect with THC, as well as its potential applications in treating epilepsy, inflammation, and anxiety.

Understanding total THC and being able to calculate it will provide essential information about the amount of THC present in harvested and dried crops, extracted oils, or infused products.

Elmer Purtle
Elmer Purtle

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